Late Fed Ex
Nassau can link your office (s) with overnight express air carriers throughout the region. We will pick up your shipment (s) as late as possible, depending on your location and the nearest open drop-off site for the carrier that you want to access. This will give you the maximum amount of time to prepare your important express overnight shipment. The driver will then proceed directly to the delivery point and make the connection for you, getting the shipment out the same night for next day delivery. Please keep in mind that we can also ship by same-day air or deliver by direct courier throughout the region if arrangements with an overnight express carrier can no longer be made. We provide access to the following FedEx locations:

7:00 pm
pick-up deadline
Raritan Center - Edison 7:30 pm pick-up deadline
Newark Airport 8:45 pm pick-up deadline
Bensalem 7:30 pm pick-up deadline
Philadelphia Airport 8:15 pm pick-up deadline
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