• Nassau provides the first $100.00 coverage for each shipment.
  • Insurance coverage can be put in place for declared values in excess of the $100 that Nassau provides.
  • The cost for this additional coverage is $.50 cents per hundred dollars of the declared value.
  • The box marked declared value on our bill of lading must contain the amount desired.
  • The authorized shipper's signature must appear by the X on the lower left of the bill of lading.

How To Insure a Shipment

  1. You must telephone a Nassau dispatcher and verify your request to insure for an amount greater than the one hundred dollars ($100) that Nassau automatically provides (for no extra charge) with each shipment.
  2. Indicate the full amount of insurance that you want on the shipment by filling in that amount (in U.S. dollars), in the box marked “ Declared Value” on our Bill-of-Lading. You must also call in the amount to a Nassau dispatcher for verification.
  3. You must sign as the authorized (by your company) shipper, on the line marked shipper, by the X in the lower left hand corner of our Nassau Bill of Lading.
  4. The cost for this additional coverage is $.50 cents per hundred dollars of the declared value in excess of the first $100 dollars (provided free).
  5. Please keep in mind that certain high value items such as cash, furs, jewelry and negotiable securities are not covered as described in the Limitof Liability section of the Nassau Transportation Bill-of-Lading.
  6. We will transport high value items under certain conditions if you wish, however, our liability will be strictly limited.
  7. The Terms and Conditions of Contract on the back of the Nassau Transportation Bill-of-Lading apply to all shipments and are in effect whether additional value is declared or not.
  8. Your Nassau Transportation dispatcher can provide you with the Docket or “Run” number for each separate shipment that you wish to insure. This will be your tracking and reference number for the shipment from start to finish.
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